We share our opinions and dubiously critique popular works, but we also take our roles as women in the media production industry seriously. In a field that is mostly dominated by men, we want to show other women that they can pursue meaningful, valuable work in entertainment technology. When I worked on the AVL team in college, I had a supervisor who was the only woman on the staff leadership team. She was an expert in projection technology, had a radio show, dabbled in graphic design for major companies, directed many live events, and pursued freelance photography on the side. She was only 24 when I met her, and she was already doing much of that work. She is still a good friend and continues to inspire me to be like her. Delivering high-quality work often above and beyond that of her male counterparts, calling them out when they treat her differently in spite of her work, but still maintaining an attitude of camaraderie and personability with everyone she meets. I want to be her when I grow up. I want to be her for other women who aren’t sure if they can make it in the media production industry and encourage them to keep going if they’re new to the skills. We need more female representation behind the scenes, and if Rachel and I can help start that trend, then maybe we’ve done something good.

– Kyri Jones